About Us

Indie Babies is a place to find Beautiful, Original, Baby Stuffs! All items featured on Indie Babies are created by artists, craftsters, and independently~owned small businesses. Your baby will stand out in the crowd with these original creations. This is a wonderful place to find great gift ideas and shop for your own Indie Baby!

Indie Babies is NOT a shop! We Review, Preview, and Sift Though all of the Baby Stuffs out there and present to you the Best! We only feature top quality, Super Cool, and Indie Made Goods and Services. However, we do give you links that you can click and be Whizzed Off to a place to buy the Great Stuffs, if you're so inclined.

We are pretty picky about what is featured at Indie Babies! If you see something featured here, you can rest assured that we like it. However, many times we have not seen these Stuffs IRL (in real life), so we can't go around Guaranteeing everything.

It's also important to note that we are not paid in any way to feature products on Indie Babies. All of the editorial content is strictly our opinion. If we ever Tout a Stuff due to advertising or sponsorship, we'll be sure to let you know. No trickery here!

If you are a Crafty Person, or know a Super Cool Indie Designer, and would like to suggest some Stuffs, just shoot us an email. We can't promise we'll review everything suggested to us...remember, we're Totally Picky! But, we will sure take a Good Hard Look at it!

If you want us to get a Good Look at your Stuffs, feel free to send us a sample. You can contact us for more info. Just remember, we can't return samples.

Still not enough info for ya? shoot as an email!